Jared Russell

Digital Librarian

Personal Info (e.g., age, field of study, personality type, etc.) Jared is the Digital Librarian at a tier 1 research institution. He has been working in libraries for over 15 years, but only recently has moved into the role of Digital Librarian after completing an additional Masters Degree in IT Management. He was hired as a multimedia librarian and moved into managing digital projects as the library began receiving grants to support digitization efforts. Jared is 40 years of age and enjoys sailing, rock climbing and listening to Penderetsky. He lives with his wife and two kids.
Responsibilities As head of the Multimedia Lab, Jared is responsible for managing many types of digital projects. He oversees the digitization efforts of the Library, and provides leadership for the build out of digital infrastructure including policy development, hardware acquisition, software purchases, staff training and workflow management. He also has a secondary appointment as a subject librarian for History, especially the British/Irish History. Jared reports to the Assistant Director for Public Services. For his secondary appointment he reports to the Assistant Director for Library Collections.
Job Type (e.g., admin, professor, support staff) Jared has a faculty status in his institution. He supervises one support staff (a programmer) and a librarian (assistant digital librarian). His works, however, are not restricted to the managerial/supervisory work. There are times when he has to roll his sleeve and get involved in the design and programming part of the job.
Motivations Jared has received tenure and is satisfied with his current job. He has over 10 years of experience creating and managing digital multimedia projects, and is excited that students are expressing an interest in digital dissertations including multimedia elements.
Technical Savvy Jared is experienced with web technologies like XHTML and CSS. He taught himself LUA and has used the language on a handful of projects throughout his career. He recently learned Python during his second Master’s Degree, but hasn’t yet used the new skill on the job.
Goals and Needs Jared’s goal is to investigate how the Library can assist with building or supporting a digital dissertation depository. He is aware that a project of this scale would require a political approach including additional hard-line funding and coalition building with key players throughout the institution.
Interest in Project He is genuinely interested finding a way to support a digital dissertation repository, but is unsure how it will fit into the Library’s current mission.
Brief Bio Statement Jared has over 15 years of library experience including 10 years of working with digital multimedia projects. His primary responsibility is building out the digital infrastructure for the university library. Jared regularly lectures on project management and digital library technology. He is outgoing and technically savvy. He received his MLS from UIUC in 1995 and a second MS in IT Management in 2010
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