Dissertation Chair

Professor Gail Prior

Dissertation Committee Chair

Personal Info (e.g., age, field of study, personality type, etc.)  48, English, Type A (high energy, micromanages advisees) – Enjoys gardening, cooking, walking her dog, and playing tennis. Keeps bees. Four kids – two in secondary and two in college. Involved in local politics.
Responsibilities  Chairs six committees, on a dozen. Director of Digital Research in English. Co-directs undergraduate writing program. Six college committees.
Job Type (e.g., admin, professor, support staff)  Admin, professor
Motivations  Wants her students to be well-published, respected, and fairly high-profile in their fields. Measured on job placement. Pushes students to finish within five years. Wants to make English relevant to other disciplines.
Technical Savvy  Medium tech-savviness
Goals and Needs  Wants to increase job placement rate by 20%. Wants the graduate program to have more media attention (IHE, CHE, local media etc). Wants to secure external grants for department projects (NEH, Mellon).
Interest in Project  Students can use project to raise their profile within the field. Wants to create a consensus within department faculty to embrace the project and mention it in job letters. The project could serve as a training module for faculty and students – the dept might also offer a research assistantship to maintain and upload the content to the repository.
Brief Bio Statement Gail Prior is a Professor of English at ABC University where she teaches technical and professional writing in the English Department. She also directs the Digital Research Center in English and Co-directs the undergraduate writing program  Her recent publications include “Digital Dissertations for the 21st Century” Technical Communication and “PhDs in Transition: Seven Reasons to go Digital” Computers and Composition. Her book is: Why Shakespeare was a Technical Writer, Chicago University Press (2008). In her spare time she enjoys cooking and spending time with her dog, Sophie.
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