Department Chair

Professor Jane Stone

English Department Chair

Personal Info (e.g., age, field of study, personality type, etc.) 62 years old, Medieval literature scholar, full professor & endowed chair, high-achieving, strong-willed but friendly and helpful
Responsibilities manages personnel, manages budgets, teaches graduate-level research courses (1 a semester), responsible for hiring, participates in undergraduate and graduate committees, advises dissertating students.
Job Type (e.g., admin, professor, support staff) Admin and professor
Motivations dedicated to undergraduate & graduate education – serious about keeping the field relevant, engaged, and growing. Interested in possible funding opportunities.
Technical Savvy Savvy with Word and Email, welcomes ideas from graduate students, but no higher level technical skills such as HTML, programming, etc.
Goals and Needs Trim department spending, hire new professors to fill retiring positions, stay connected to the digital humanities.
Interest in Project Curious about possibilities, especially considering new hires in 18th C. literature and cognitive science, but unsure about how the department can support this kind of work.
Brief Bio Statement I am the endowed chair of the English department, and a professor of Medieval literature. My research interests include the representation of women in Medieval literature, specifically The Wyves Tale of Bathe in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.
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