Needs Analysis

Government Funding Agency

  • Sustainability plan (built to last)
  • Uniqueness (not recreating the wheel or duplicating effort)
  • Public Access
  • Statistics about dissertations in the system
  • Measure of impact on the field
  • Data for


  • Sustainability (from both investing in system to maintaining projects)
  • Distributed risk
  • Leave a legacy
  • Needs to fit within university strategic plan
  • Raising visibility of institution
  • Benefits departments across university (not just humanities)
  • Return on investment

Dissertation Chair

  • Student success
  • Not complicate the dissertation process (both technologically and institutionally)
  • Very clear documentation
  • Showcase prior work
  • Evaluation–how to evaluate a digital dissertation
  • Small learning curve

Department Chair

  • Funding for student preparation
  • Plan for teaching /seminar
  • Fellowships specifically for digital dissertations
  • Recruitment of new students
  • Showcase prior work

Graduate Student

  • Needs training in digital technologies and for the system
  • Sustainability — reassurance that system will last and that it’s backed up (no data loss)
  • Reassurance that depositing in the system will not detract from future publishing opportunities
  • Finding examples of digital dissertations
  • Understanding what is and is not a digital dissertation


  • Business side: funding for staff & hardware
  • Copyright policies
  • Well articulated role in the process of curation and maintenance
  • Strong campus allies
  • Decisions about storage sizes and types
  • Outreach

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