Landscape Analysis

The digital dissertation group looked at the following systems for our landscape analysis.

d-space: document management system –

Content DM:




Digital Commons (Berkley press):


Fedora Commons:

RU Core (Rutgers):



Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.

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6 comments on “Landscape Analysis
  1. Sarah Shreeves says:

    EPrints would be the other repository system to look at. Very common in the UK but not as well used in the US though there is some interest here.

  2. Geoff Sauer says:

    You might also look at these six I’ve searched in the past:
    Coalition for Research Libraries
    DiVA, at Uppsala University, Sweden
    Cybertesis, by UNESCO
    Australasian Digital Theses program
    Also, if you’re looking for models for sustainable open access repositories I’d highly recommend that you look at the ARL’s SPARC.

    • Geoff Sauer says:

      Oh. Were you considering platforms for publishing OA born-digital theses? If so, then please use my list above as examples of similar ventures, each of which use diverse e-publishing software tools, but whose information architectures may be useful as you consider your own.

  3. David Wilcox says:

    If you’re looking at Fedora Commons, you might want to look at Islandora. Fedora is a great digital object repository, but it doesn’t really have a front-end for users. Islandora combines Fedora with Drupal to provide a customizable, themable front-end for the repository.

  4. A.L. McMichael says:

    I haven’t tried it yet, but Figshare is also used a lot for data sharing, particularly in the sciences.

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